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Introducing Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba Essential Oil - Young Living Essential OilsCopaiba, Young Living's exclusive oil sourced in Brazil, boasts a rich history of soothing properties.* Copaiba is one of the key ingredients in Deep Relief™ and Breathe Again™ Essential Oil Roll-On blends.

It’s no wonder why copaiba is so effective. Copaiba essential oil contains the highest amounts of beta caryophyllene: 55 percent. This is the highest of any known essential oil!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find real copaiba essential oil anywhere in the United States. It’s true, other companies sell copaiba “oil” that contains the entire resin or is a distilled form of the leaf. Unfortunately these products don’t contain the high amounts of beta caryophyllene that is in the Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ copaiba essential oil.

Copaiba has a warm, woody, uplifting aroma, and can be diffused, applied topically, or ingested as a dietary supplement to support of the body’s natural defenses

Transport yourself to the fragrant Brazilian jungles—order copaiba today and discover the wonders of the rainforest!

Item No. 3431 / 15 ml bottle

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Copaiba Information

Copaiba essential oil is extracted from the oleoresin of several different species of Copaifera, including multijuga, langsdorffii, and reticulata. Traditionally used in Native American recipes, today copaiba is featured in European and North American pharmacopeias.

Product Story

Copaiba is the only essential oil extracted through tapping, similar to how rubber and maple are obtained. Once tapped, the copaiba resin is distilled to produce a clear essential oil that has a rich, uplifting, woody smell.

Only copaiba essential oil found near the Amazon rain forest basin contains the optimal natural compounds needed for a Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oil.

How To Use

Directions: Dietary Supplement: Put 2 drops in a capsule. Take three times daily or as needed. Topical: Apply 2-4 drops directly to desired area. Dilution not required, except for the most sensitive skin. Use as needed. Aromatic: Diffuse up to one hour three times daily

Did You Know?

  • Virtually all companies who offer copaiba or copal sell only the tree resin, not the distilled essential oil.
  • Copaiba resin (what is tapped from the copaiba tree) has been used for hundreds of years as an incense in some Central and South American cultures.
  • Copaiba essential oil contains the highest amounts of beta caryophyllene (55 percent) of any known essential oil.


If you are nursing, pregnant, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a physician before using.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is copaiba found in any Young Living blends?

A. Copaiba is a key ingredient in the Deep Relief™ and Breath Again™ Essential Oil Roll-Ons.

Q. How did Young Living decide on the copaiba from the savanna portion of the Amazon rain forest?

A. Young Living sourcing specialists have traveled the world sampling different copaiba essential oil samples. Each batch was put through state-of-the-art Gas Chromatrograph and Mass Spectrometer tests. Gary Young selected species of Copaifera from South America to maximize levels of beta caryophyllene, the key active ingredient in the essential oil.

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